County Road Surveyor's Report 1911

Clackmannan County Road Surveyor's Report (October 1911).

Central Regional Council Archives CC 3/4/5. [Central Regional Council was disbanded in 1996.]

Crossings — Complaints about these are confined to motorists. I told a motorist I did not see much cause for complaint about a certain crossing; he said I would soon if I went over it in a motor. It is a most difficult matter, not to mention the cost, to keep crossings on highways to a level to suit motorists, though in Burgh limits they pass over more dangerous ones without remark because they go at a reasonable speed. The pace that complainers drive the motors along highways makes the slightest difference of levels between highway and crossing a danger.

Some of the crossings in the county laid a few years ago, have had to be lowered at half their original cost and then lifted again, thereby doubling their value e.g. the crossing at the post office in Sauchie was laid for £6; it was lifted three months ago and re-laid for £3; in a month or so, I shall have to lower it again which will cost another £3. This will go on repeating itself; and so with other crossings, that it would be in the ratepayer's interest to remove them altogether if the motorist can not be made to reduce his speed
within village limits where such a fine level over a crossing is to be maintained for him.

I would say, in conclusion, that Roadmen have instructions from me, which are repeated, to keep up the tarmacadam level around manholes and at crossings and all that is possible is done until lowering or raising is absolutely necessary. In this dry weather, if much metal is laid, it does not take up. Then the complaint is about loose metal till there is no end to complaints.

The only remedy for this trouble is in the hands of motorists and that is to slow down when approaching a point where repairs are going on and when passing through village limits, where crossroads are, as I don't know of any act of Parliament which helps him.

The Act of 1872, does not even force a highway authority to roll a road and there are counties in Scotland which do not roll yet.


Historical Sources for Central Scotland - 4. Transport 18th - 20th Centuries (published 1980)

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