Grange Distillery

The Grange Distillery

The Lowland region Grange distillery stood near Grange Road in Alloa. It was first established in 1786. Its first owner is unknown, however by 1795 it was run by Alexander Glen. The owner changed several times. Below is a short timeline.

1786 - Distillery opened.

1795 - Owned by Alexander Glen.

1813 - 1816 - Andrew Stein & Co.

1817 - 1819 - Stein & Wilsons, also the Alloa Distillery Co.

1825 - Robert Stein Jun. & Co. when William Scotland withdrew.

1825-26 - Robert Stein & Co.

1831 -  “Mr Green, the Aeronaut, respectfully intimates to the Nobility, Gentry, and inhabitants of Alloa, Stirling and their vicinities, that, by the kind permission of Mr. Stein, his next ascent will take place from Grange Distillery Square.” 

The gas balloon, requiring 23,000 cubic feet of gas, was inflated at Alloa Gasworks, in two stages. “At ten minutes before five the balloon, which consisted of striped silk covered with a preparation of oil and Indian rubber, and was upwards of fifty feet high, rose gently and magnificently over the heads of the spectators who testified their delight by the most deafening cheers.”

The ascent on the Saturday was a trial run by Mr Green. The balloon, first of all, veered towards Stirling, but turned eastwards over Ben Cleuch to land eventually at Blackford.*

1833 - 1834  - John Philp & Co.

In 1834 it became the first Scottish distillery to install a Coffey still. By this time it was owned by Andrew Philp, a cousin of the Steins and connected with the Dolls / West Dolls Distillery of John Philp & Co. However the investment proved to be disastrous and the distillery went into sequestration.

1835 - Andrew Philp reached an agreement with his creditors, and continued work on the site.

1846 - John Philp & Co. sell West Dolls Distillery to the MacNab Bros., which is renamed Glenochil Distillery.

1848 - November - Andrew Philp Dies.

1849 - John Philp & Co. become bankrupt.

1851 - Distillery Closed.

1852 - John McMillan.

So ended whisky production at the Grange Distillery site, but it was not over yet, because....

The Grange Brewery

The building re-opened in 1852 as the Grange Brewery, Robert Meiklejohn & Sons having been relocated there by Hugh Kennedy from their original brewery in Alloa's Candleriggs.

Grange Brewery Map

OS Map 1865

The Grange brewery building was sold in 1919 to Alloa brewer George Younger & Sons Ltd. The Grange Brewery was closed in 1941.

The buildings were later purchased by R.G. Abercrombie, widely known for producing copper vessels etc. for breweries and distilleries. The site is now run by Diageo.


The Scotch Whisky Industry Record - H. Charles Craig, 1994.

* CFSS - April 2004 newsletter

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