Yetts of Muckart Distillery

Yetts o' Muckhart, is located on the north-eastern border of Clackmannanshire. The area was previously a part of Perthshire, and played host to a short-lived Highland region malt whisky distillery.

The Yetts of Muckhart Distillery was opened in 1817^, registered to A. Balfour & Co., however John H. Rennie leaves the firm and distilling stops in 1819.^^

1820/21 - John H. Rennie is registered owner in 1821, and accounted for as having produced 4176 gallons of spirit spirits at Yetts between November 1820 and February1821. The wash still size was given as 260 gallons, and the low wines still 114.5 gallons.*

Distilling was re-started in 1825 by Mr. B. F. Mylne+, producing 33,415 gallons of spirit in the year 5th January 1825 to 5th January 1826***, 4,255 gallons of spirit between 5th January 1826 and 5th July 1826***, and producing 581 gallons of spirit in the quarter to 10th October 1826, 11,225 gallons for the year to that date.** No data was given for the six months to 5th April 1827. The distillery is thought to have closed again late in 1826.

Finally, in 1831, Mr J. W. Rennie revived the distillery, but he was sequestrated in 1832 and Yetts of Muckhart Distillery was finally closed.^^

There are no mentions of the distillery in the OS maps of the area from later in the 19th century, so the exact location remains unknown.

We are still looking for information on this distillery, if you have anything to share, please get in touch.



^"Scotch Whisky Industry Record", H. Charles Craig.

^^New Statistical Account of Scotland - Muckart Parish (NSA states distillery is closed by time of writing in 1833)

* Parliamentary reports from committees, July 1821.

** Parliamentary accounts, June 1827.

*** Excise Accounts, 1826.


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